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Dental Travel Agency (Ukraine) is a leader providing dental tourism services since 2007. Initially dental tours were organized on the basis of personal contacts, family relationships. At the beginning we were visited by friends or people who knew the atmosphere in our clinic.

Our patients’ gratitude stimulate us to develop dental tourism by Dental Travel Program.
We are sure Dental Travel Agency (Ukraine) can provide you with:
• invariably qualitative dental services;
• the best prices by Dental Travel Program;
• optimal tourist service.

We offer dental tours to you sincerely without unnecessary theatrics with our personnel working just for you.

Dental Travel Agency (Ukraine) provides dental services on the basis of Dental Smile Centre Clinic.

Meet Dental Smile Centre and our professional team

Dental Smile Centre started its work in 2003. The clinic is placed in a new comfortable building which meet the highest sanitary requirements.

In our Dental Smile Centre we try to create free and easy atmosphere of soft preparation for dental treatment. Only numerous diplomas and certificates of our professional team at the reception can remind that you are at the clinic.




Administrator: Natalia


Administrator: Natalia

Sterilizing room is equipped with modern sterilizing facilities made in Europe:

  • Microprocessor control autoclave “Euroklav 23V-S MELAG”.
  • Distiller MELAdest 65 MELAG.
  • Sterile storage with Package Sealing Device “MELAseal MELAG”.
  • Washing machine MELAclean for pre-sterile processing of instruments in dental and surgical rooms.
  • Ultraviolet “Тau Ultraviol” box for keeping sterile instruments and materials Tau Steril di Bianchi Giancarlo e C.S.n.c.
  • Ultrasonic bath BioSonic UC125 for ultrasonic cleaning of instruments Coltene/Whaledent.

X-ray room

Digora Optime

Sterilizing room

Digora Optime

Dental room

X-ray room of Dental Smile Centre is equipped with wireless Soredex Digora Optime intraoral digital imaging system (Finland). Thin wireless plate-like sensor allows to take X-ray images easily in any room. The sensor can be placed in patient’s oral cavity very easily, as well as traditional film, using 100 % sensor surface. Note that patient’s radiation exposure is minimal.

Every dental room at Dental Smile Centre is a separate autonomous and independent “organism”. All rooms are fully separated and equipped with personal computers, ultraviolet boxes, MEDESY instruments, shadowless lamps, special ultrasonic points allowing to make treatment process the most comfortable.

Dental room

Dental room №1

Dental room

Dental room №2

Dental room

Dental room №3

Dental Smile Centre Personnel

Dental Smile Centre treatment can be truly called “four-handed”. Each dentist’s chairside assistant is a “hostess” in her own dental room. Dentists’ chairside assistant render invaluable contribution to treatment process, therefore they always work as a team.

Doctor and chairside assistant team, their cooperation are the keystones of future treatment success. It is important that every link of our personnel, especially doctor, will put their knowledge into your health. For this reason every specialist is constantly studying, improving and upgrading her/his skills.

It’s important to remember that the team need not only “survive” but develop and win, therefore, there should be strategies, middle-term tasks, current events confining to long-term programs.

Dental Smile Centre offers long-term cooperation based on mutual confidence for you. The guarantor of such cooperation is the clinic head doctor Iryna Alexeyevna Bedryk.

P.S. The choice is simple. You can choose yourself, either to act independently taking responsibility for all your actions or entrust your destiny to someone. The high level of happiness is very important for everyone and your smile is one of its components.

The head doctor of the clinic

Iryna Alexeyevna Bedryk
The head doctor of the clinic

Working in Company since 2003, medical practice for more than 6 years.
Specialization: preventive dentistry, prosthetic dentistry. The doctor pays the most attention to aesthetic prosthetics, as well as to prosthetic implants, micro prosthetics and end-to-end solutions to aesthetic problems.
Certificates and diplomas

Certificates and diplomas Iryna Alexeyevna Bedryk
  • Сучасні технології лікування і профілактики в практичній стоматології.
    Асоціація Стоматологів України (26.04.2005)
  • Реставрационная терапия с применением оборудования, материалов и технологий корпорации Дентсплай Интернэшл. Dentsply (17.06.2005)
  • Реставрационная терапия с применением оборудования, материалов и технологий корпорации Дентсплай Интернэшл. Dentsply (12.11.2005)
  • Стираемость зубов. ДентАрт (17-19.05.2007)
  • Техника прямой реставрации зубов со стираемостью. ДентАрт (19.05.2007)
  • Асистент лікаря-стоматолога Fenestra (05-06.03.2008)
  • Адгезія та естетика - мистецтво і досконалість. Espertise (19.03.2008)
  • Основні аспекти санітарно-епідеміологічного режиму в роботі стоматологічних клінік. Інститут прогресивних стоматологічних технологій (04.06.2008)
  • Сучасні напрямки розвитку стоматології.
    Всеукраїнська науково-практична конференція з міжнародною участю (19.06.2008)
  • Використання лазерних технологій в практичній стоматології.
    Всеукраїнська науково-практична конференція з міжнародною участю (20.06.2008)
  • Инновационные технологии Tokuyama Dental в практической стоматологии. Proteco Ukraine Favorite Tokuyama Dental (28.03.2009)
  • Реставрация корня зуба. ДентАрт (14-17.05.2009)
  • Можливості сучасної ендодонтії і мікрохірургії: застосування ротанційних нікель- титанових інструментів та найкращих сучасних систем обтурації кореневих каналів System B Obtura-2. Profident plus (13-15.06.2009)
  • Несъемное протезирование. Dentsply

Nadezhda Viktoryvna Malyshenko

She is working in the Company since 2004. Medical practice for more than 25 years.
Specialization: orthodontics. The priority work is treatment of maxillofacial joint problems. She uses modern treatment methods successfully with sapphire and lingual bracket system, Invisalign mouth guards, trainers, micro implants.
Certificates and diplomas

Certificates and diplomas Nadezhda Viktoryvna Malyshenko
  • Методы дистализации моляров на верхней челюсти. Интердент
  • Orthodontic products of Position Trainers, Trainer for Braces, TMJ appliance,Trainer for Finisling and the Powrgard developed and manufactured by Myofunctional Research Co. myoFunctional Research co ( 01.03.2001)
  • Orthodontic Course on the concept and application.
    Alexander Discipline (21-22.04.2001)
  • Повышение квалификации проф. док. Рольфа Хинца, Elasto KFO- система как дальнейшее развитие классического позиционера. Клинические показания к применению. Укрдент Киев (30.10.2004)
  • Модификация челюстно-лицевого роста в ортодонтии. СП Promed Ltd (19.10.2005)
  • Курс лингвальная ортодонтия. Fillion Lingual Orthodontic Semenars (20.04.2007)
  • Присвоєння вищої категорії за фахом Ортодонтія.
    МОЗ України Київська медична Академія післядипломної освіти (03.10.05-01.11.05)
Stomatologist - implantologist

Oleg Grigoryevich Germash
Dental implantologist

He is working in the Company since 2003. Medical practice is more than 22 years.
The doctor’s most interesting area of practice is aesthetics and implantology, one-stage implantology, complex surgical, orthopaedic and orthodontic treatment.

Certificates and diplomas

Certificates and diplomas Oleg Grigoryevich Germash
  • Базовый курс по имплантологии. Основы принятия решений. Организация последипломных образовательных програм для стоматологов (8-9.09.2005)
  • Стажування на робочому місці по стоматологічній імплантації, оволодів методами одноетапної та двоетапної стоматологічної імплантації з використанням імплантів систем типу "Replace", "Nobel Perfect", "Osteoplant", "3I", "Branemark", T.B.R., "Alpha-Bio", У-Імпл".
    Центр стоматологічної імплантації та протезування "ММ" (18-22.04.2005)

Oleg Nikolayevich Zhurba

He is working in the Company since 2008. Medical practice is 7 years.
Specialization: prosthodontics, therapy, surgery. He has great experience of therapeutic and orthopaedic practice, the doctor works efficiently in parodontics.

Certificates and diplomas

Certificates and diplomas Oleg Nikolayevich Zhurba
  • Анатомия улыбки и анализ эстетики - искуcство и технологии безметаловой керамической реставрации. Стамил (05.12.2007)
  • Основы клинической гнатологии. Кристар
  • Изоляция рабочего поля. Стамил (06.09.2006)
  • Восстановление контактного пункта. Стамил (26.09.2006)

Aleksandr Konstantinovich Gil

He is working in the Company since 2008. Medical practice is more than 3 years.
Specialization: therapy, surgical dentistry, children dentistry. Every day the doctor faces various dental cases, but the doctor’s most interest is in surgery.
Certificates and diplomas

Certificates and diplomas Aleksandr Konstantinovich Gil
  • Безметалловое протезирование.
    Современные методы безметаллового протезирования.

    DENTLINE Киев DuguDent (26.09.2008)
  • Основы несъёмного зубного протезирования. DENTLINE Киев (22.11.2008)
  • Сложные техники дентальной имплантологии. DENTLINE Киев (01.03.2009)

Marina Gennadiyevna Burenkova
Therapeutic dentist

She is working in the Company since 2009. Medical experience is more than 18 years.
Specialization: professional hygiene, cosmetic restoration, lost tooth “one visit” restoration, endodontics, treatment of children, surgery. The doctor is interested in cosmetic restoration, aesthetic treatment methods, endodontics. Moreover, the doctor receives patients of young age when her ability to treat carefully and thoroughly appear in full.
Certificates and diplomas

Certificates and diplomas Marina Gennadiyevna Burenkova
  • «Адгезивные мостовидные протезы». Dent Art Дентсплай Интернейшнл, учебний центр "Аполлония"
  • «Актуальные проблемы современной эндодонтии» Kristar (14.02.2006)
  • Научно-практическая конференция «Фенестра. Майские встречи – 2005» Fenestra (14-15.05.2005) В рамках програмаы прослушаны лекции:
    • Анестезия в стоматологии, аспекты применения.
    • Химические и фармакологические аспекты.
    • Проведения местной анестезии в стоматологии – 2 часа.
    • Анестезия в стоматологии, аспекты применения.
    • Клинические аспекты проведения местной анестезии в стоматологии – 2 часа.
    • Клинические применения стеклоиономерных цементов – 1,5 часа.
    • Нормативно-правовая база существования и работы частной стоматологической практики – 2 часа.
    • Как проводить профилактику кариеса изнутри – 1,5 часа.
    • Реставрация зубов: медицинские аспекты и проблема выбора – 2 часа.
    • Влияние индивидуальных свойств материала на эстетику реставрации – 1,5 часа.
    • Особенности восстановления окклюзии при реставрации фотополимерами – 5 часа.
  • «Актуальні проблеми клінічної пародонтології». Асоціація лікарів-парадонтологів України. (12-13.04.2007)

Natalia Pavlovna Kochenova

She is working in the Company since 2010. Medical practice is more than 6 years.
Specialization: therapy, orthopaedics, parodontics. The doctor is mostly interested in aesthetic restorations, aesthetic treatment methods, non-surgical parodentium treatment combined with physiotherapeutic procedures.
Certificates and diplomas

Certificates and diplomas Natalia Pavlovna Kochenova
  • Современные концепции в стоматологии. Espertise (12.12.2008)
  • Clinical application and scientific princi ples of The Vektor Method. DullDental (13.01.2008)
  • Сучасне мікропротезування. Fenestra (05-08.02.2007)
  • Реставрационная терапия с применением оборудования, материалови технологий корпорации "Дентсплай Интернэшнл". Dentsply (09.04.2004)
  • Неотложная помощь при соматической патологии в практике врача - стоматолога. Стамил (15.05.2010)

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