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Treatment dental travelers

Стоматологический туризм

When you fill in and sent us your personal details, Dental Travel Agency (Ukraine) manager will provide you with preliminary plan and calculation of treatment including all your requests via e-mail during 48 hours.

Both treatment calculation and payment are divided into two parts:
I part: preliminary cost of dental treatment;
II part: preliminary cost of TOUR SERVICE.

Such division of calculation allow patients to vary cost of the whole complex of Dental Travel Agency (Ukraine) services. For example, decreasing cost of accommodation by selecting less expensive hotel room, one can get more expensive crowns etc.

Calculations of future treatment and TOUR SERVICE services will continue to reach full agreement of all details of your trip with you via e-mail.

Payment for the Dental Travel Agency services

Dental Travel Agency (Ukraine) services are paid in Dental Smile Centre on actual basis for each stage of treatment.

Prepayment for:
• orthopaedic services;
• I stage of orthodontic treatment – braces fixation;
• implantation.

Dental Travel Agency are paid in advance or on actual basis for the work done:
• bank transfer to PrivatBank Ukraine (UAH), Ukrsibbank Ukraine ($, €) account;
• Union money transfer to: Iryna Alekseyevna Bedryk, Kyev, Ukraine;
• payment at Dental Travel Agency cash desk.

Стоматологический туризм Стоматологический туризм


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