Galina, Russia
All doctors in your clinic are Professionals...

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Galina Mikhailovna, Russia, March, 2010

 "All doctors and assistants in your clinic are Professionals with the capital P. Everybody likes my new teeth including me and all who see them as well as dentists in Moscow who appreciated them a lot. Thank you! I wish more such Health Care Professionals!"

S.M. Voloshin, USA, March, 2010

"I have lived with my family in the USA for ten years. During my staying in Kiev two years ago my friend recommended this dental clinic to me. I was agreeably surprised by the level of professionalism, service, understanding and just common wish to help a patient (you have my guarantee, I can compare, in the USA I did not meet the same). What happened later? For my second visit to the doctor I came with my wife. Since then when we arrive to Ukraine we always visit this clinic (for example, this year I arrived at 12.00 and I was already at the doctor at 17.00). I wish the team of this clinic to remain on the top in future. Thank you very much! Keep it up!"


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