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Rules of guarantee service

As a rule, our service quality do not admit any guarantee event.

If any dental problems arise, guarantee work is performed only at the clinic: Dental Smile Centre.

Guarantee does not cover travelling and accommodation costs in our country.

Guarantee for implants (product) is valid only after all implant prosthetic works are completed.

Guarantee policy:

  • Restoration or composite restoration 1 year.
  • Crowns and bridges 3 years.
  • Veneers, inserts, covers 2 years.
  • Denture 2 years.
  • Implants (only product) 5 years.


  • Metal-ceramic constructions do not endure shock and pointed loading. Thus, for example, cracking dried crusts, rusks and nuts, opening bottles, biting fishing lines, threads, wires, packages are not permitted with metal-ceramic prosthesis.
  • One should be more careful when dental constructions include few teeth and do not allow to control loading on every single tooth, especially if hard pieces come into soft food.

The reason of complete or partial guarantee cancellation may be:

  • Improper oral cavity hygiene. For example, you dont use a dental floss.
  • Ignoring of dentists recommendations. For example, you dont wear a protective mouth guard at night.
  • If a patient is not examined for prevention and oral cavity hygiene at least twice a year.
  • If the rules of partial or full denture maintenance are not followed.
  • In case of unregulated considerable diminution of gum or bone level.
  • In case of patients sudden weight changes.
  • Patients injury with possible tooth or denture damage.
  • General negative health state, for example, diabetes, osteoporosis, chemotherapy.
  • Dysfunction and other diseases related to temporo-mandibular joint.
  • Guarantee doesnt cover temporary constructions, for example, provisional crowns.
  • If financial obligations are not performed by a patient.


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