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Dental treatmentPrice, €Price, $
Professional tooth cleaning4565
Single-root canal treatment4060
Two-root canal treatment6085
Three-root canal treatment80115
Retreatment of a root canal of a one-root tooth6085
Retreatment of root canals of a two-root tooth90130
Retreatment of root canals of a three-root tooth120170
Restoration of 1-2 surfaces of 5 with photopolymer5087
Restoration of 3-4 surfaces of 5 with photopolymer6085
Restoration of tooth crown with photopolymer and fiber-glass pin80115
Adhesive bridge. Restoration of completely lost tooth within 1 visit!
Without damage for the next teeth!
Aesthetic author's restoration6085
Veneersfrom 220from 315
Aesthetic pressed ceramicsfrom 220from 315
Aesthetic aluminum oxide ceramicsfrom 220from 315
Aesthetic zirconium oxide ceramicsfrom 330from 440
Teeth whiteningfrom 50from 80
Tooth decoration (skyce)2025
Metal ceramic crown6595
Metal ceramic crown on implant130150
Denture with clasp280400
Acetal nylon denture245350
Plastic denture120175
Articular tire against bruxism130190
Metal braces570815
Ceramic braces7451065
Sapphire braces9201315
Metal braces DAMON11001565
Braces Gold Series12251750
Ceramic braces DAMON15802250
Lingual braces21002670
Treatment with bracesfrom 175from 250
Removal of braces2540
Treatment with Trainer130190
Tooth extractionfrom 20from 30
Atypical extractionfrom 80from 120
Resection of root apex140200
One-stage implantation530760
Implantation (1st stage)315450
Implantation (2nd stage)225320
Sinus lift operation500700
Vector therapy115165
* price may vary higher or lower depending on exchange rates

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